The Serpent

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Charming Cobras 2
Charming Cobras 2,
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The serpent has been given many meanings in the world’s mythology. It has been a symbol of wisdom and a symbol of evil, a symbol of God and a symbol of the Devil. In its ability to shed its skin and be ‘reborn’, it has been a symbol of resurrection and, hence, a symbol of Christ. Corresponding to this association with birth and rebirth, it has been a symbol of sexuality and a symbol of healing. It has referred to the world of the senses and the world of the spirit. It rises to the heavens as a phallic symbol, an emblem of power, potency and enlightenment. It encircles reality and swallows its own tail, indicating wholeness and completeness and oneness. It dives into the earth, eating dust and signifying death. So as a symbol, the serpent spreads its infinite meaning from the Above’ to the ‘Below’, from the highest to the lowest.