Should we ban all Mosques?

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Freedom, for America’s Founders, meant that all Americans would have the right to pursue wisdom and truth for themselves, with no political or religious constraints imposed by the government. This is the basis of Freedom of Religion, among many other things. It’s what makes America special. The disgusting calls that have been heard of late, to completely ban the building of mosques anywhere in America, is anti-American both in spirit and in law, and anyone who is swayed by these calls should be ashamed to call himself or herself an American. To permit this sort of fear-inspired bigotry to win over our hearts and minds would make us exactly what the terrorists falsely believe we are. If we are going to defeat their violent and insane ideology, it will be necessary to stand by our actual principles – and never to dishonor them.

Yes, and nowhere in the world is religion more vibrant than America, precisely because of the wisdom and foresight of the Founders who separated religion from the government.

Andrew Bowen says:

A friend once said to me that a secular system of government is what gives religion and the arts room to breath. These folks who are condemning the establishment of a mosque are placing a stake in a religion (Christianity) that is founded upon brotherhood, love, service to fellow man, and peace. You’re right, Dr. Cort. And if level-headed American’s, regardless of religious affiliation (or none), do not stand up, we just might find ourselves in a theocracy.