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sex2A literal-minded ‘I believe whatever the Bible tells me is true’ attitude is of course not what the scriptures were ever about.  Scriptures are myths, they were never meant to be anything else (even on those occasions where, like a good historical Novel, they are loosely based on historical events), and myths are symbolic ways to bypass the literal mind and sink into deeper levels of subconscious parts of the mind. The message they are in fact teaching is that we are supposed to become mature, responsible adults who think for ourselves, feel our own feelings, act from our own will, and “know” what we know only from our own efforts and personal experience. The Gospels translate a word, ‘metanoia’, as ‘repent. But that’s not what it means. ‘Metanoia’ means to ‘think in a new way’, to ‘think in a higher more self-responsible way’, and NOT to just ‘believe what we are told’. This is the first and primary message of all scripture. When Christ responds to Pilate, “Are you asking this from yourself, or did someone tell you about me”, the message is “Think for yourself!” This is what all religion is really about, though of course we’ve lost sight of this, and like good contemporary scientists we insist on taking everything literally. But snakes and donkeys don’t talk. People don’t walk on top of lakes. God isn’t an old Jewish man with a beard who lives in the clouds and spends his time thinking up new ways to get even with us for being bad. The adepts who wrote these stories knew this quite well.