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Andrew Cort’s Mini-Review: 

Carol Parrish-Harra’s book, The Sophia Sutras, is about the presence in our lives of the Sacred Feminine, ‘Sophia’, Divine Wisdom. Some would have us replace the masculine version of God with a feminine version of God, replacing the patriarchal God with a matriarchal Goddess. But the author knows that this is not a solution to the difficulties of sexist-deluded religion. The tradition says that we are made in the image of God (not that God is made in our image). We, God’s image, are Male and Female – just as God is. Nothing in the scriptures actually says (despite millennia of provocative and childish misinterpretation) that one gender is superior to the other: we are different but equal, we are equally necessary, miraculous, and complementary. The Feminine aspect of Divinity includes esoteric Wisdom, includes the power of Healing, includes Intuition, includes the power of releasing fully prepared souls into bliss.

Dr. Parrish-Harra draws upon a wealth of spiritual and esoteric knowledge, as well as her own understanding and intuition, to weave together the Logos, the Masculine, and Sophia, the Feminine, in this very accessible, interesting, and well-written book about personal and planetary transformation.

In Gnostic writings “Divine Word” was paired with “Wisdom.” Later in Greek, “Word” became “Logos” and “Wisdom” became “Sophia.” A line of tension resulted as masculine power grew, Sophia then became increasingly linked with guardianship of the planet as Mother Earth, of the Hebrews as Shekinah, and later, of the Christians as the Holy Spirit. The Logos, or Christ, remains in the nonphysical as the Holy Consciousness known as the Son—the SON (reflection of the divine) behind the SUN—while Sophia, the Holy Spirit, indwells and evolves each level of creation gradually back toward the Oneness.

In the densest of matter she organizes cells and dwells therein. Hers is the sensitivity that expands and contracts in gems and rocks, the hidden vitality of the soil, and the crystalline design we now know exists in pure water. Thus she indwells all the matter of the dense world around us. Here, perhaps under duress, Mother Matter produces experiences through which she quickens the journey—both hers and ours—from the denser to the more subtle realms. She rides in the waves and churns in the wind. Her wisdom, innate and powerful, is there to prompt events that can propel us to higher awareness. Just as she can threaten, she likewise can create the beauty that uplifts.

Diverse is her work, for varied are the avenues of divine potential­ities. “Sophia gives the world qualities—she paints the Earth with color; sweetens it with aroma, and comes to us in the intimacy of touch.” As the spark of consciousness in each inert particle, she is perpetually pushing to express, expand, reorganize, and unfold a higher form. The qualities of a dual active-passive creation have been long set into place. As his equal, she interprets his thought, shaping the rich design of each willed impulse. The ripple of Creator’s force activates order as the masculine principle wills and feminine principle gathers quantities of responsive matter in every plane. Within these she organizes the fire of spirit into forms and shapes through which flow light, color, and vibration.

In every plane exist points of consciousness to be cloaked in a vari­ety of forms. Many new life-forms await discovery as other dimensions open before us. Similar to the rhythm of a poem seeking its poet or a celes­tial sound needing a vibrating instrument in order to be heard, she shapes matter in response to potentials desiring expression and lives within each form as the encoded patterns of nature, fulfilling the role of each until sur­vival is threatened. Often external threats activate the will-to-live, Mother Nature’s 911 code, overriding the status quo. Eternally receptive, new crises within creation automatically invoke her to adapt old embedded codes to meet current challenges, stimulating evolution.

In our own species, Homo sapiens, Sophia’s innate wisdom can be classified several ways. Mentally, we have levels of intelligence classified as instinctual, unconscious, conscious, and inspired. Within the folds of each level are dimensions easily overlooked and unrecognized in regard to wisdom.         

To those who ponder, Sophia becomes an illusive awareness at the edge of mind. Not fully amenable to conscious expression, we have not known how to relate to that which lives at the edge of mind, but intuitively we acknowledge “knowings” the instinctual nature provides.

Childbirth is a great example. Our head may not know how to produce that which is developing within but at the appropriate time, inner systems shift as needed to bring forth the child. The libido that hides in the body has served the species by bringing forth new life. Not to be belittled, libido is one of the avenues of sensory perception placed in the human psyche by Sophia herself. “When we turn away or neglect the sensory realm, we turn our backs on Sophia. Without depth of sensing there can be no possi­bility of experiencing soul or being receptive to spirit.”‘

Powerful senses with which to explore the environment also exist in the subconscious realms in which innate Wisdom finds herself. Unconscious responses to subliminal organic molecules of smell, or pheromones, for instance, are an example of Wisdom’s cellular intelligence acting directly upon us. We often are not consciously aware of the reason we sometimes react to those about us with seemingly arbitrary and some­times puzzling likes and dislikes. The perfume industry capitalizes on this, and advertising agencies address their messages to this subliminal level of mind to influence, affect, and sell.

Becoming more conscious is most often called “awakening” because the process is like waking from dreamless sleep. To become mind­ful of emerging opportunities for choice or expansion, our conscious self must become aware of the restrictive programming it has received subcon­sciously. As we evaluate this ongoing unconscious conditioning and understand its impact, we can make conscious decisions as to what we will keep or delete. It is no wonder we have been described as computers.

We have long given great regard to I.Q., the intelligence quotient. Measurement is determined by how effectively the mind can analyze, rationalize, and/or strategize. The term I.Q. recognizes the ability to retain information and process it in rational ways acceptable to certain systems. This level of mind is particularly useful to our outer activities.

More recently we have learned the importance of E.Q., emotion­al intelligence. One indication of the presence of this highly valuable form of intelligence is an ability to “feel” with another, or have empathy. The skill of building rapport with others through developing genuine feel­ing requires it. Those adept at this are known as “people persons.”

Yet a third type of intelligence is now emerging into public aware­ness. Identified by some as S.Q., spiritual intelligence acknowledges that Earth and her kingdoms form an interactive system, affecting and being affected by one another. S.Q. works for the betterment of the whole, seek­ing to move the human kingdom into proper alignment of its members with each other, and with the other kingdoms of Earth to the benefit of planetary life. I would dub S.Q. as the Sophia Quotient. Working for the benefit of all is Mother Wisdom’s role.

Sophia the Holy Spirit, as teacher and guide, leads us from believ­ing we are a body to knowing we are an incarnated soul—a spiritual being experiencing a set of physical, emotional, and mental sensations in the dense physical world through life in a body. Additionally, we come to real­ize our individuated spiritual and physical selves are also components in even larger collective units, all part of humanity who is part of creation and Life, the One, the All—however we would saw it.

The collective mind, like the personal mind, or psyche, consists of seemingly polarized characteristics in constant debate with each other. Not understanding the evolutionary role of such polarity-driven conflict, individuals and societies often believe balance is the ultimate achievement; however, the progress (evolution) of the whole is the most important goal.

Balance, in this sense, is actually a place of stasis, an inert point of reconciliation between two opposites. Since it is motionless, it can exist only briefly until the guiding consciousness of the moment tips the scale, allowing the innate urge toward maturity to resume its course. We pause at an eddy of life to catch our breath and rest, but to attempt to live in any resting place permanently is to atrophy and die. To live, we must sooner or later resume our journey.

The descended female element always abides within matter (mother is the form builder), while the incarnated masculine element’s role is to initiate action. Another way to express this relationship is: per­sonality recognizes a choice and makes a decision: this action ignites a chain of events through which personality learns lessons about cause and effect. In this manner personality draws upon the masculine principle to evaluate the choices and to make decisions, thus activating the “cause” to which the feminine principle innate within the material realm responds. Thus in each dimension we see Wisdom driving awareness (evolution) through her response to action.


Ordained in 1971, Carol Parrish left a promising business career to devote herself to her ministry and lecturing in the human potential movement. Having directed the Villa Serena community of Sarasota, Florida, for several years, she was led by spiritual guidance in 1981 to establish the community of Sparrow Hawk Village in the foothills of the Ozarks near Tahlequah, Oklahoma. There she served as president of Light of Christ Community Church until 2009 and academic dean of Sancta Sophia Seminary until June 1, 2010. Long recognized as an inspired spiritual leader, Carol has stimulated many people to rejoice in the oneness with God. Her presentation of the esoteric aspects of early Christianity, free of doctrine and adornment, reinforces our acceptance of the Christ. Visit her website at

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This is Wisdom, the great queen of the South that will rise up during the Judgement as the woman in Revelations.