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Most people believe that, despite certain similarities, each religion is fundamentally different from every other religion, and their religion is the only true one. This is understandable. A quick survey of faiths certainly shows enormous diversity, and it wouldn’t make much sense to hold to a belief without believing that it’s true.

But I’m going to turn this around on its head. I would suggest, on the contrary, that despite some differences all religions are fundamentally the same! And the differences that do exist — far from providing a justification for fighting and hatred — are a beautiful testament to the magnificence of the human imagination. Furthermore, the underlying similarity of all the world’s many faiths is even more magnificent.

 But the most controversial thing is probably this: Very little of what religions say is ‘true’! True, that is, in the literal sense of “that really happened” or “that’s what I must do if I want to be “good”. On the contrary, the various religious stories – while sometimes (not always) based at least loosely on historical characters and events – have been consciously and figuratively put together to create allegorical and symbolic instructions for anyone who wants to perfect their soul, as Plato called it, and attain a holy mystical state of Oneness with Divinity.

The only actual difference between them is that they have been put together at different times and different places to appeal to different cultures with different tastes: the Hebrews liked legends about their ancestors, the Greeks enjoyed tales of fabulous gods and goddesses, Christians loved the life story of Jesus, the Muslims enjoyed stories about Muhammad and his battles, revelations and successes. All these stories are wonderful!

And they are all, in essence, the same. A religion might call the story “The Return from Slavery in Egypt to Freedom in the Promised-Land”, or “Persephone’s Return from Hades to Olympus”, or “The Quest of the Holy Grail”, or “Muhammad’s Journey to the Seven Heavens”, or “The Greater Mysteries”, or “Christ’s Journey from the Jordan River to Calvary”, or any of a thousand other names. But the meaning within the stories is always the same: if we ponder the story inwardly and decipher the symbols, it tells us what we have to do to evolve beyond our illusory material existence and awaken to the Truth of spiritual enlightenment.

So it’s understandable that people cling to the specialness of their own choice of religions. Each one is special, each is unique and wonderful. But this is hardly a justification for beating people’s heads in who follow a different faith. Each different faith should be the cause for admiration and delight.

Is Jesus God? Is Allah God? Is Yahweh God? What is God? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? It’s all one and the same. Whether Jew, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Native American…. We are all brothers and sisters, we are all in the same boat, and we are all on the same path to the same God.

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I like this post. This is exactly how I see it, and not wishing to sound as though I know it all, this is exactly how it is. The different scriptures are only different to accommodate the diversity of the human race, but they are all saying exactly the same thing. A couple of years back I went to an interfaith meeting where 7 different religions gathered under one roof. The theme of the day was ”caring”. Each representative got up in turn to speak, each representative used different words, but they all said the same thing. The word ”religion” I believe comes from the Greek and is actually 2 words, ”Re” meaning again, and ”Ligio” meaning to unite with God. Therefore the word religion simply means to reunite with God.