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pyramidAccording to the Jewish mystical tradition, the Kabbalah, the Sacred Feminine is the ‘Vessel’ that accepts and protects the ‘Seed’, the ‘Light’, of the Sacred Masculine, like a chalice filled with wine. She then pours forth all of nature, abundance, and life. The Kabbalah adds, however, that as the Vessel continues down the path of ‘Creative Descent’ and reaches our level of material life, the divine Light becomes too intense for this lower incarnation of matter and the Vessel shatters, dispersing the Light.

A dramatic image of this same concept is found in Exodus, when Moses, having left God and descended down Mt. Sinai, takes the stone Tablets and shatters them.

Both of these stories symbolize the fragmentation and dispersal of divine wisdom and truth that takes place when the soul ‘falls’ into this illusory world. Of course, everything we experience on this plane of existence is made from the Divine Vessel and is vivified with Divine Light. But the pieces are broken and fragmented.

The return to Divinity begins with efforts to put the Vessel back together again: to heal the world.

This includes the human soul. Upon reaching this level of existence, the soul, too, has been shattered, our thoughts and feelings and physical desires have been strewn about the world, and now there are only the broken and scattered remnants of the once unified soul, dispersed from the level above like the Tablets. So the work of Spiritual Initiation begins with ‘putting the soul back together again’.

This is the Great Work of Art, the great construction. The Pyramids, the Temple, the Gothic Cathedrals – these are just imitations.