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The wonderful myths and legends of ancient Greece, as well as all the beautiful stories of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have the common aim of showing us, through symbols and allegories, a practical method for reaching enlightenment. But this information has been lost and forgotten, even though it has been right before our eyes the whole time. As a result, our traditions have been reduced to mere literal fundamentalism and a childish belief in an “invisible friend in the sky”, while atheists scoff and many serious religious people turn to the East for ‘real’ spirituality.

The purpose of religion is not to retell history, it’s not a demand that we adhere to an impossible moral code, and it doesn’t require us to believe all sorts of fantastic claims that defy rationality and logic. Rather, the real purpose of religion is to present the great Wisdom Teaching that shows us how to raise our level of being, become all that we ought to be, and return to an inner state of communion with Divinity.

A human being, standing at the center of the creation, is thus potentially capable of intuiting meaning, truth, goodness and divinity, as well as being able to appreciate and unravel the mysteries of the physical world. This is the quintessential human quality. This is what makes a human being human. And as a consequence of being intimate with both nature and divinity, the Tradition imposes responsibilities upon human beings: we are “our brother’s keeper”, we are the stewards of the earth.

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