The Sacred Feminine in the Bible: RAHAB (Part 2)

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Chalice BookCover largeLike the Greek Gaia, Rahab is the ancient archetype that underlies the power of the Sacred Feminine. The Feminine power in the scriptures is not some soft, sweet, gentle child, representing all the ‘nice’ qualities that are missing in men. She is the Shechinah, the ‘Presence’ of God in the Creation, the force that hovers over the Ark of the Covenant, the ‘Mother of All Living’ who pours forth all the forms and qualities in the infinite universe. She is Chaos, the turbulent passions. She is the Beauty of Rachel and the Wisdom of Leah. She is Miriam’s prophetic power. She embodies the mysteries of blood, sex, birth, and death. She is the Sea, the boundless power of the Unconscious. She is the Mother and the Whore and the Wife and the Destroyer. In Jericho, she lives in a great tower, high above the city. Rahab was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world, a theme we have seen before when a woman in the story represents the Sacred Feminine.

As always, the Masculine needs her protection, so when the king of Jericho heard rumors of spies, Rahab hid the two men on her roof and convinced the king to take his soldiers out of the city and search for them in the nearby hills. Then she made a deal with the men that when the day of Jericho’s destruction came, they would first come and rescue her and her family. The spies of course agreed.

This is the end of the story in the Hebrew Bible, so now, as the soul begins its final battle and ascends to Enlightenment, Rahab, the Sacred Feminine, must reunite with Joshua, the Sacred Masculine, so that together they can merge back into Oneness and return home to God. The Shechinah was present at the beginning of Creation, she imbues all levels of Creation from the lowest to the highest, and she is still present here at the end of the story waiting for the Masculine to return. Just before the final destruction of Jericho, Rahab, the rescuer who saved the spies, is rescued in return, and she returns to Israel where the Bible says, “she continues to dwell to this very day.”


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