Time To Think About What We Are Doing

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After many years of ignoring this, I realize that I just can’t believe that torturing and tormenting a living conscious creature, the way we torture and torment animals in the food industry, and then slaughtering them (even “humanely”) in order to enjoy how they taste, is without serious negative consequences for our health and our souls. I am aware of the arguments which claim that human beings throughout their natural history have eaten meat, but I find these arguments scientifically questionable and unconvincing. And even if they are true, the main thing that makes us ‘human’ to begin with is precisely our potential to rise above our purely physical cravings and drives, and use our intellects to apprehend morality and to pursue higher values: we are not the helpless slaves of our physiological history, even if our ancestors *were* meat-eaters. I am also aware of the argument that plants, too, are alive, as are insects, and all the invisible microbes in the air that we breathe, and it is not possible to go through life without causing some amount of suffering or death. But if we cannot stop all suffering, we can at least cause as little suffering as possible. That much choice we do have. It is a specious argument imo to suggest that the level of terror, emotional agony, and the physical sensation of pain, that is felt by an animal when we destroy its life for our pleasure, is comparable to what is experienced by a vegetable.