Two Aphrodites

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aphroditeIn Greek mythology, there are two Aphrodites: one, the “Heavenly Aphrodite”, is the motherless daughter of Uranus (the primeval grandfather of Zeus); the other, the “Terrestrial Aphrodite”, is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Eros often accompanies the Terrestrial Aphrodite, while Hermes (the Logos) accompanies the Celestial Aphrodite. Of course, these are really just two expressions, two sides, of one principle.

The “Celestial” or “Heavenly” Aphrodite, the higher-level goddess Aphrodite, has the role of releasing (unbinding) perfected souls from their imprisoning bodies, into the bliss of eternity. The role of the lower “Terrestrial” or “Earthly” Aphrodite, is to bind unperfected souls into the body. Both can be seen as “births”.