Two More Episodes of “Spirit of the Berkshires” Are Available On-line

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Two more episodes of “Spirit of the Berkshires” are available now at

In Episode 3, I interview Tony Simotes, the new Artistic Director of Shakespeare & Co.

Spirit of the Berkshires – Episode 3 from Andrew Cort on Vimeo.

In Episode 4, I interview George Gilder, the noted social commentator, about his newest book The Israel Test.

Spirit of the Berkshires – Episode 4 from Andrew Cort on Vimeo.

I hope you’ll find time to watch them, and then to come back here and comment on the shows, discuss the topics, suggest future topics and guests, or anything you’d like to say.

Eiran Gazit says:

Very interesting and refreshing interview with George Gilder. The man knows his stuff and presents a viewpoint that is rarely heard in the US. Suggest you invite him to participate in the Aug 25th event at Hevreh….

David Cort says:

What a relief! Finally a positive view of Israel. What will the new old left do with this? I would hope that Obama and Rab Emanuel will work hard to encourage positive forces. There is so much oil money behind the terrorists. The solution is of course the encouragement of scientific advances in alternate energies so that we can get off the tit of Arab oil