Episodes 6 (on Health Insurance Reform) and 7 (on Publicity)

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Two new episodes of Spirit of the Berkshires are available at http://www.andrewcort.com/spirit.html

Episode 6 is on Health Care reform. It’s an interview with Michael Kaplan, M.D., a member of Physicians for a National Health Program. He does an excellent job of making the case for a single-payer universal government-run insurance plan, and answers many of the charges made by the right-wing.

Spirit of the Berkshires – Episode 6 from Andrew Cort on Vimeo.

Episode 7 is with David Carriere, a publicist and author of ‘Publicity: 7 Ways to Publicize Just About Anything’. We talk about the changing world of publicity, and how an entrepreneur can take actions to utilize the power of publicity in difficult economic times.

Spirit of the Berkshires – Episode 7 from Andrew Cort on Vimeo.

Please come back and comment after you see them. It’d be great to start a real discussion here about Health Care reform, for instance. And please tell others to watch!