What Does “Seeing” Mean?

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The answer to this question seems obvious enough. But this is one of those precarious occasions when we casually speak of something spectacularly ineffable as if we knew what it meant.

We know a great deal about the many physiological and electrochemical processes that occur concurrently when we see something, but in no way does this explain what ‘seeing’ is. There is an inscrutable gap between Matter (which includes the object we say we ‘see’, the eye, and the vibrating atoms inside the brain), and Consciousness (an invisible ‘experience of awareness’ that occurs within the mind). Objective scientific analysis can provide no logical connection between the two – once we speak of invisible subjective experience, we are outside its realm. Neither can Reason explain it away.

How does a ‘sense perception’ cross over into ‘mind’? How does an impression pass beyond the senses and the vibrating atoms, traverse the mysterious ‘gap’, and sink into the awareness of consciousness?