What is Alchemy?

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from The Alchemy Conference

The Alchemists tried not merely to change base metals into gold, but much more importantly to rejuvenate their bodies, integrate their personalities, and perfect the very essence of our souls. Although they spoke of retorts, furnaces, and chemicals, they were really talking about synchronous transformation taking place in their own bodies, minds, and souls.

Alchemy can be defined most simply as the “art of transformation.” It is concerned with the underlying principles of how things change and the basic process of transforming one thing into another. The most popular reason for studying alchemy today is to reconnect with the fundamental spiritual realities in the universe. In this approach to alchemy, the gold of the alchemist is not the common gold but an inner spiritual gold, and the operations of alchemy are performed in the inner ‘laboratory’ of the spirit and soul.

Join us on September 16-18, at the Long Beach Convention Center for an amazing conference where East Meets West, Old Meets New, People from All Over the World Gather, and You Discover Practical Solutions for Improving Your Life. The largest collection of practicing alchemists in the last 500 years! We are revealing the secrets to an extraordinary life. Action is important step toward an extraordinary life and planet. We are offering abundant opportunities that will consciously transform life starting with you.

As a natural progression to growth and change, much thought and consideration has gone into the planning of the 4th annual International Alchemy Conference. With the expansion of the event and keeping with the vision of the Alchemy Guild, the conference committee (Dennis Hauck, Gudni Gudnason, Theresa Bullard, Duane Saari and Paul Hardacre) have researched and selected speakers whose work best represents the theme and vision of the conference. This year’s conference will host presenters from around the world, with a delicate balance between the Traditional & Modern Tracks. All the speakers and their unique topics are available for viewing online at our website.

The conference is poised to deliver impactful workshops, informative lectures, interactive activities, and global networking with those who carry the alchemical spirit forward in modern times. Participating in the conference will most certainly strengthen your connection to the miracle of the transformation in body, mind, and spirit, and it will help participants discover practical solutions for improving your life
So please join us on September 16-18, at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA. Find out more at http://www.alchemyconference.com


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Andrew Cort

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Andrew Cort says:

Given what you say, it’s really rather humorous to picture modern chemists in their laboratories trying literally to follow the symbolic instructions written down by medieval alchemists, failing to produce any gold in their test tubes, and then solemnly and pompously declaring that alchemy does not work and they have ‘proven’ it.