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I don’t think it’s necessary to pick one religion, but I also think it’s ok if one does, so long as we realize it’s a subjective choice that represents personal comfort for one’s spiritual journey, not a choice of the “only right truth”. I think the ‘interfaith’ approach is a serious step forward (I’m a bit biased, since I’m soon to be ordained as an interfaith minister, but I was ‘interfaith’ before ‘interfaith’ was a word — brought up Jewish, schooled by eastern-religious Teachers, married to a Protestant minister, and a daughter who’s been dating a Muslim boy from Afghanistan for three years now). Rather than ‘cherry-picking’ though, I would advocate looking all the way into the inner (not just the superficial ‘literal’) teachings of any of our traditions, and finding that everything is there — the path is the path is the path — just told in different words and stories for different cultures at different time-periods. So follow them all, or follow the one that resonates the best, or go it completely alone, no real difference. There’s really only one ‘religion’: imo, we’re all children of the same divine source, on the road to the same eventual ‘place’ (which of course is not an external location, but an internal state of being.)