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Hundreds (literally) of people are coming to the blog each day. A number of visitors are leaving comments, always positive. The site’s Alexa ranking is getting better and better at an incredible rate. It’s very exciting and gratifying.
But no one is buying my book, THE PURPOSE OF RELIGION.
I know I’m not much of a salesman, but I’m trying, it’s a worthwhile book, and I’m really stuck and would greatly appreciate your feedback:
Is the Title a ‘put-off’?
Is all the information on the sidebar Uninteresting? Unnoticeable? Too ‘Hard’ sell? Too ‘Soft’ sell?
Is it the Price?
Is there Missing Information that people want to hear?
Is it simply the Economy and no one is buying anything?
Is there Something Else I’m not getting, or something else I should do?
Any response would be very helpful. Thanks! 
Andrew Cort
I hope you enjoy the blog, and do keep coming. (Remember, too, we’re always open to Guest Bloggers.)
Yvonne Perry says:

There’s not a thing wrong with your book. This blog presents a great message and looks really nice.

What social networks are you engaged in that support the topic you write about? If you are not active in a Facebook group about religion and spirituality, perhaps chiming in there would establish you as an expert and drive sales of your book. Also, do your tweets and RSS blog posts feed into other social networks such as FB and LinkedIn?

Do you have reviews of your book on I know I owe you one and I am planning to come through. Reviews sell books. Is your author page as effective as it could be?

These are a few suggestions that I know work since my book, Whose Stuff is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions of Those Around You, is doing well both in print and Kindle. Feel free to use my blog or Amazon author page as an example.

Best to you, Andrew.

I don’t think there is much wrong with your book Andrew, except that maybe having the word ”religion” in the title may put off some would be buyers. I am pretty rubbish at promoting my books as well, and even though I’ve sold a few paperbacks, my kindle sales are very minimal indeed. Like you, I know that I am a very talented writer and the people who do buy my books have nothing but praise for them. But there is a bigger picture, and I simply have faith that in this world of massive changes the Divine has a plan for me that I am happy to embrace. I’m sure that in time both of us will sell more books, but it just goes to prove, that hits on a blog or website do not necessarily generate sales. I have fairly good traffic going to my website but I have sold virtually nothing from it. Faith, patience and time is the recipe for more book sales I think Andrew.

JaqStone says:

I think the title may have a lot to do with it. Think about what the reader will learn or gain from the book and use that to create an appealing title.
The words in different colors and sizes makes it look unprofessional, kind of like a cheesey, scam web site. I know you are not that, but it’s what the page conveys.
The low e-book price could put some people off, as price is often equated with value.
The reviews are great. Keep those, but with professional looking text.
Instead of telling people what the book will do for them, ask questions. Such as, “What hidden teachings of spiritual awakening lie buried the symbols of ancient stories?”
People are buying e-books more than ever now, and still buying paper books. The thirst for knowledge is not hampered by economic changes.
I think putting the intro and reviews before the book will help. It builds interest before asking for the sale.
To increase exposure, find bloggers to do guest posts for, find radio hosts with similar interests and offer to be a guest, submit the book to e-book directories, create a facebook author page (if you haven’t already), and use a tweet scheduling service (SocialOomph or Twaitter) to schedule various tweets about your book at different times of the day.
Other than that, be patient my friend! Get everything in place and turn your attention to your next book. Use your social networking time to engage others and build relationships. When people know that you care, they care what you know.

Stan Walsh says:

Charge a little more and offer a discount. People like discounts.

Fed up with Violence, …> Common Purpose of our Traditions.
Does not relate to the topic in our opinion. Most would answer “no” to the above question.

speak to the value of religion in todays society.

People are deeply questioning religion in their lives. Speak to the answers they will find in your book to what religion can do for their lives today.

Identify their search and offer them an answer.

What will they find that will enhance their spiritual search.

Hope this quick comments help.
Wishing you the best.