You Are A Success

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(A Guest Blog from Scott F Paradis)

You indeed are a success. You have breathed, you have moved, you have lived. The things you’ve seen, the places you’ve been, and the experiences you have embraced are unique to you. No one will ever travel your path in exactly the same way.

You have contributed a chapter to the grand epic. You have played a note for the resounding symphony reverberating through eternity. You have sung a moving verse in the majestic chorus. You have woven a seamless panel into the intricate tapestry of creation. Your life has been so much, and yet there is still so much more to come.

You possess talents and energy and a perspective needed in this world, needed by this world – needed more than you know.

All of heaven and earth – all people, all creatures, all things – await your gift, await your giving. You are here, in a time and place of your choosing, to add to life. Offer freely what you have – for as you do, another dream is fulfilled, another possibility is made real.

As for yourself, by giving you receive – in unimaginable measure. By sharing your life and your love you create your own reward: a prize for having taken the risk, for having ventured forth on this earth, for being and becoming.

To win at the game of life – to succeed, to live fully – you must play by the rules. There are just a few rules, but they are exceedingly important. Once you know the rules you can refine your skills and play to win.

The task, in the game of life, is not to get there first. It’s not to claim the most. It’s not to beat other people. You aren’t competing with anyone; rather everyone rejoices in your victory. Everyone progresses as you overcome your trials and advances through your achievements.

So stop waiting for the right moment, the perfect circumstance to embrace the treasure cast before you. Life beckons. It is your creation. Realize the fullness of life. Invoke the wisdom and the insight you need to succeed wildly. Take your next step on faith.

The search is over – the secrets are revealed. All you require is accessible to you. Open yourself to the truth – you are a success. Keep moving forward.

You can have more life. You can sing. You can dance. You can laugh. You can cry. You can experience more joy, realize more love. The greatest elements of life are within your grasp. Just change your mind and adjust your course. Make your life a journey of discovery, a journey of transformation. Make your life an example of incomparable success. The choice is yours.

No individual life is separate. No one explores, no one struggles, no one succeeds alone. We journey and we triumph together. Don’t be shy. We need more willing – more brave souls – to accept the challenge and embrace the fullness of life. Your success is our success. Go on and succeed some more.

Scott F. Paradis, author of “Success 101 How Life Works – Know the Rules, Play to Win”, focuses on the fundamental principles of leadership and success,